The exhibition “Urban Chronicle” showcased 86 short documentary films, created by the students of the Tel Aviv University Film School, as part of the ongoing project “Tiudi Hevrati” (Social Documentary), and was displayed in the Tel Aviv University Gallery.

The front space included information about the project’s origins and inspirations. The back section of the space included a large scale video comprised of all 86 films.

A long hallway connecting the two spaces had a variety of rectangular holes, “peep holes” of sorts, through which one could watch a selection of films, presenting different angles of the “Tiudi Hevrati” project.

Urban Chronicle
Year 2012
Industry Culture
Services Branding, Collaterals, Print
Creative Direction, Concept & Curation Hilla Shitrit & Gilad Fried
Space Design Hilla Shitrit, Gilad Fried & Eytan Mann
Additional Infography Design Noam Chen
Photos Sarai Kirshner, Or Ben David
Special thanks to Nitzan Bartov