Package ai is a customer engagement platform for high-value retailers and home service providers, bringing together sales, marketing and fulfillment into one customer-centric experience.

The Challenge

Package ai is developing an innovative solution that answers to many different needs of high value retailers in one platform. In our continuous work with the company, our challenge is to visualize this big-picture approach and the radical change it offers compared to existing products. Our effort is put into creating visual assets for the company, to help their sales and marketing teams achieve effective results.


Brand language, visual assets, website, marketing collateral


Creating a Mascot

To tell the story of a platform that can answer to all your needs, we created Jenny, the digital assistant. Jenny is a digital being, but  thanks to her human appearance she is still relatable.

Since her inception, Jenny has proven to be a very useful tool for Package ai. The analogy of their solution to a “super assistant”, helps their target audiences understand their offerings better.

UI Abstractions

Soon after starting our work with Package ai, it became clear that many of the assets we will be creating will have to include examples of UI. Since the actual UI is very busy and loud, we set out to create a parallel UI – a flat, clean, almost abstract version of their actual app.

We use our abstract UI to highlight specific features and to show capabilities, to an audience that is not necessarily tech savvy.

Explainer Video

Another important asset created for Package ai was an explainer video. Our role was to conceptualize the look & feel and art direct the video. 

The video tells the story of a frustrated client and how his engagement with Jenny, and the Package ai solutions, makes his shopping and delivery experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Marketing Collateral
Year 2023
Industry Retail
Services Branding, Collaterals, Web Design
Creative Director Gilad Fried
Design Meshi Sanker
Marketing Director Shani Sarid (Forabilis)