My Orbach is a brand devoted to the design of bags for everyday use. Each bag is conceptualized in-house, ethically sourced, and locally sewn with great attention to detail.

Maayan, the talent behind the brand, came to us with a name and a general idea of what she wanted My Orbach to be: minimalist, feminine, and approachable. Our process eventually led us to create the MO icon, resembling a sun nestled above mountains. The end result succeeds at being dramatic and sharp, yet balanced and flexible, just like Maayan’s bags, which are sophisticated and functional at the same time.

With the brand’s DNA figured out, we moved on to create additional assets, such as bag labels, stamps, packaging elements and an online shop.


My Orbach
Year 2017
Industry Retail
Services Branding, Collaterals, Web Design
Creative Director Gilad Fried
Design Eden Shneor
Photography Itay Benit, Maayan Orbach