Moebius Medical is an innovative biotech company that leverages its proprietary liposomal technologies and related expertise for the development of novel products.

The Challenge

Building an entire visual identity based on nano-sized vesicles, invisible to the human eye


Logo, brand book, 3D visuals, and a responsive website

Brand Identity

When Moebius first approached us they had an existing logo and color palette, both were limiting and old fashioned. Moebius’ strong focus on liposomes, microscopic vesicles that can be used as a drug delivery agent, posed an opportunity to create a unique visual identity. The process of defining a new visual identity began with simplifying the unique shape of a liposome and turning it into a memorable logo.

The end result consists of layers of slightly distorted circles in different colors, reflecting the distinct shape and capabilities of liposomes. The distorted circles became a pillar of the entire brand language, tying together animations, 3D graphics, photographs and texts.

3D Visuals

To illustrate the innovative power of their proprietary technology, Moebius needed custom 3D graphics.

The supplied visuals, both static and animated, enable the company’s clinical team to tell their story exactly how they envisioned it.


Moebius is a clinical-stage biotech company developing products based on patented technology. As such, it is limited in the data and information it can share online. However, it is in Moebius’ interest to introduce itself to new investors and create an opportunity for potential cooperations.

The website we designed and built for Moebius walks this fine line – it tells the story to the extent that will spark interest, without revealing any confidential information.

Moebius Medical
Year 2020
Industry Medical
Services Branding, Collaterals, Web Design
Art Direction Gilad Fried
Logo & Identity Neta Weiss
3D Modelling Ron Wald
Web Design Talmor Sela
Web Development Netanel Zaken