KNKB Law is a renowned law firm, active in Israel in the fields of corporate, labor, administrative and governmental law. Growing rapidly over the past few years, the firm needed an updated website that reflects their passionate spirit and vibrant energy.

The Challenge

Giving a visual form to the subtle balance between a respectable and experienced business, and a young and dynamic team.


Multi-lingual website, icon set

Dynamic Elements

Large law practices tend to be traditional and conservative organizations. KNKB Law might be a big establishment but at the same time it is a dynamic, sophisticated and contemporary firm. Giving shape to this concept, while avoiding all known cliches (judge’s hammer on a desk, anyone?), pushed us to look for more abstract solutions.

A motive of repetitive lines, created using the firm’s logo, was chosen. The lines gradually shift in color, shape, and transparency, so to bring a sense of constant movement and change, expressing KNKB’s unique character.

Developing a Brand Identity

KNKB Law came to us with no clear visual identity aside from their logo. This meant that in the design process we had the opportunity to define the tone and style that fit with our interpretation of who they are.

Using a classic corporate color palette and a mix of contemporary serif and sans-serif fonts, we were able to express stability, confidence, and potency all at once.

Icon Set

KNKB practices a wide variety of fields, a fact that we wanted to showcase on their website. The icon set was specifically designed for this purpose.

The icons were purposefully designed in an aesthetic commonly used by tech companies, which are generally perceived as younger and more vibrant organizations than law firms.


With a new website and an enhanced visual identity, KNKB Law found new ways to voice their values and showcase their specialties. The design process allowed KNKB to dig deeper to who they are and what they do best.

KNKB is now able to present itself in a clearer format to present-day and future clients, as well as potential hires.

Year 2020
Industry Law
Services Branding, Web Design
Creative Director Gilad Fried
Design Talmor Sela
Web Development Netanel Zaken