The International Student Film Festival, initiated by Tel Aviv University and supported by the City of Tel Aviv, takes place every year in Tel Aviv and is the biggest of its kind worldwide.

The Challenge

The event celebrates young talent and exposes fresh film school graduates to wide audiences. For the 14th edition of TISFF, we were asked to create a complete brand identity, to be used across all mediums, that will convey the festival’s artistic spirit and carefree attitude. This large-scale festival consists a diverse range of events, spanning multiple locations throughout the city simultaneously, and an international crowd.


Multi language catalogs, time planners, promotional materials, ads, merchandise, giveaways, collaterals and website.


Brand Identity

The festival’s logo is composed of two basic elements: the film-bird symbol and the tri-lingual logotype. The logotype was inspired by vintage cinema marquee sign systems. This allowed a typographic structure that supported the festival’s long name in Hebrew, Arabic and English at once.

The festival’s inclusive, international, and dynamic spirit, came through by referencing this old lettering solution. It creates a strict grid, while allowing for constant change.

The chosen slogan for this iteration of the festival was: “come as you are”. In that spirit we decided to limit the color palette to black, white and neon green, and use the photocopier as an image-making technique, and occasional hand lettering as a recurring motif. Our goal was to create a sense of artistic mass-production and effortlessness.

Finally, We extended the festival’s original icon, the film-bird, to a large scale set of film-bird mutations. The festival’s slogan, “come as you are”, was expressed once more by taking the event’s traditional mascot and expanding it to an endless variety of characters, all included and invited to participate. The bird variations were used to represent different events, screenings and workshops throughout the festival.

Catalogs & Collaterals

A principal part of the project was the design of the catalog, a so-called “bible”, containing information about all events and films that take part in the festival. Supplemental catalogs for specific events and a time planner were also designed.

Additionally, collaterals and giveaways, such as shirts, tote bags, name tags and postcards, were produced to continue and strengthen the participants’ and visitors’ brand experience.


The festival was the biggest to its date with respect to ticket sales and workshop participants. The brand identity was praised for expressing the spirit of the event and standing out in the visually cluttered streets of Tel Aviv.

Year 2012
Industry Culture
Services Branding, Collaterals, Print, Web Design
Art Direction Gilad Fried
Design Gilad Fried, Yael Netter
Lettering Udi Berner