Freenergy is one of the leading companies in Israel in the field of solar energy for residential and commercial properties. Freenergy is well-known for it's quality of work and high-end solutions.

The Challenge

The renewable energy sector is becoming quite dense, making the need for a distinguishable look & feel more important than ever. Our challenge is to combine the “warm” world of natural elements (sun, wind, water) with the “cold” world of technology and knowledge.


Brand language, marketing collateral, slide decks, 3D visuals & animations

A brand that is both natural and technological

In our conversations with the team at Freenergy it was clear that they take pride in their commitment to installing top-of the-line equipment by professionals under strict standards. We wanted to present Freenergy for all that they are, a premium operation that provides top level services and leaves every roof clean and neat. Thus, white plays a major role in Freenergy’s visual language, conveying elegance and sophistication.

We could have chosen the expected route of using green colors and motifs, but we decided to tell a more complex story. While Freenergy aims to source the natural elements without exploiting the environment, it does so using high-end technology. The process of connecting a building to a solar energy source ends with heavy equipment on its roof, but it begins with satellites, drones and 3D modeling. Our use of gridded vector lines combined with Freenergy’s actual photography allows us to merge these two worlds together.

3D visuals

It is very common for the Freenergy sales and marketing team to spend time explaining to potential customers how solar panels work. This can become quite complicated and technical. Simple 3D visuals and animations are the perfect tool to help the team tell the story exactly how they want.

Different variations of these visuals were created based on target audience (commercial vs. residential) and pricing models.

Marketing collateral

We work with Freenergy on a regular basis, creating and updating marketing materials, such as brochures, slide decks, social media assets, exhibition graphics, etc.

Our ongoing work allows us to further develop their brand and expand their visual tool box.

Year 2021
Industry Environmental
Services Branding, Collaterals, Print
Creative Director Gilad Fried
Design Talmor Sela
3D Modeling Ron Wald
Copy Writing Ben Shahar Fried
Photography Freenergy Team