How do you take a company dealing with a pretty bland subject matter and make it exciting and fun?

This was our challenge working with ControlUp on their visual brand, marketing materials, collaterals and representation in professional events and conferences.

ControlUp develops software for IT professionals to manage, monitor and analyze virtual desktop and application performance. It offers unique solutions to its target audience and grew quickly over the past 6 years.


ControlUp takes part in numerous professional events throughout the year, populating the largest possible booth spaces with demo stations, meeting spaces, public presentations and other activities. We created a distinct look that sets the ControlUp booth apart in a crowded convention hall and makes it impossible to ignore. Consistently using the bold purple color with strong typography, we ensure a continuous brand experience that starts online before the event begins and continues long after it has ended.

Custom Booth

For ControlUp’s biggest event of the year, Synergy 2019, we planned and designed a custom booth to accommodate the company’s specific needs. The booth used the given space to strengthen the brand experience and allow 12 demo sessions to take place simultaneously. As a result, Synergy 2019 proved to be a huge success with more than 1,200 new potential leads collected.


Oliver, the Virtual Expert, was initially created for ControlUps’ product – a visual representation of the company’s AI abilities. While designing Oliver we realized he could also function as a mascot for the company.

Soon enough Oliver became a dominant aspect in ControlUp’s marketing materials and a beloved figure in their events.

Year 2019
Industry Tech
Services Branding, Collaterals, Print
Creative Director Gilad Fried, Efrat Schneider
Design Neta Weiss, Sagi Carmi
Illustration Gilad Fried, Jacob Gross
Booth Design & 3D Ron Wald