Clexio is a pharmaceutical company developing novel treatments in the fields of neurology and psychiatry. Clexio's patient-centric approach is the driving force behind their ability to quickly bring new treatments from an idea to Proof of Concept and then to full clinical development.

The Challenge

The patients’ quality of life remains the center point of Clexio’s mission, built upon deep scientific knowledge and technological innovation. Our task was to create a platform that will highlight this concept.


Expanded brand language, website, illustrations

Enhancing the brand language

When we started working with Clexio the brand consisted of only a logo and a basic color palette. This was very limiting and resulted in repetitive designs. First, we expanded the color palette, adding new tints as well as subtle gradients, and incorporated Mukta and Aglet Sans as the brand fonts.

We also introduced a brush stroke in different instances, to add new energy, warmth and a dynamic human touch. Equipped with this rich brand language and clear guidelines, we proceeded to design web pages, graphs and printed collateral.

Brand Illustrations

As part of our work with Clexio we created a set of illustrations used as hero images in the website as well as visual assets for the company’s marketing efforts.

The circle, a geometric shape that is both precise and soft, became a dominant motif conveying the co-existence of scientific and humane values. The same circle is also used to illustrate the idea of focussing on people and their wellbeing.

Company Website

As with other companies in the pharmaceutical and biomed sectors, Clexio’s website faces the challenge of reaching out to multiple audiences with vast differences in knowledge and intent. Patients suffering from chronic conditions, are looking for someone to hear them, understand and offer a glimmer of hope. Physicians are interested in innovative solutions for their patients, as well as a better understanding of the company’s activities. Both of these audiences will find content to their liking, textual and visual, in the website’s different sections.

Special emphasis is given to real patients’ quotes, labelled “the patient voice”, an important guideline for the Clexio team when working on the development of treatments as well as a source of kinship for other patients.

Year 2021
Industry Medical
Services Branding, Illustration, Web Design
Creative Director Gilad Fried
Design Talmor Sela
Development Netanel Zaken (OneOfUs)