Mobile wallet app that is both business and consumer oriented. Using Cinch, businesses are reinforced with dynamic pricing – the ability to easily control their prices according to their needs and to local trends. On the other end, customers save money by choosing businesses with better offers and by planning the right time to visit their favorite shops, restaurants or service providers.

We have been working tightly with Cinch since day one, designing the product on every platform – iOS, Android, and web browsers – and developing new features on the conceptual and visual levels. While consumers are always on the lookout for better prices and deals, business owners aim to increase sales and revenue.

In the process of planning and designing the app, both of these factors are taken into account to create an enjoyable and safe environment for money exchange.

The Challenge

Creating a mobile wallet app that benefits both business owners and consumers.


Mobile app (iOS & android), web app, business dashboard, business onboarding bot, website.

User Experience Design

Working with Cinch continuously allows us to lead the design of the product itself as well as other supplemental elements, like email journeys, the company website and the overall brand language.

Using the studio’s strengths in UI, UX and branding, we are able to offer Cinch users an ongoing experience that is aligned with the brand values: locality, participation, reliability and cost effectiveness.

Business Onboarding Bot

Complex user scenarios are addressed with innovative solutions and up-to-date technologies. For the process of onboarding new businesses to the system, which could easily drive business owners away, we conceptualized and designed a bot. This transformed a long and tiring process into a fun and up-beat user experience, while maintaining the brand values and identity.

The bot addresses the business owners, interviews them in a friendly way and helps them complete the onboarding steps quickly and efficiently. Through this method Cinch manages to add more businesses to its inventory, while offering its app users more places of interest.

Business Dashboard

Once a business is up and running, it needs convenient tools to manage its offers and keep track of the transactions coming through using Cinch. We put a lot of effort in creating a management dashboard that allows complex practices but is still easy to use. Business owners can choose between a list and a calendar-based UI to create a dynamic pricing scheme.

They can also create numerous discount offers, defining their length of time and how often they recur. Having direct access to a tool that easily rewards the end-user, businesses are motivated to offer discounts, while customers get more for their money.


Since its launch Cinch has seen a quarterly increase of 235% of active users, a monthly increase of 140% of businesses and large media exposure.

As an ongoing project, we have the opportunity to design for the present while planting the seeds for the product’s future.

Cinch App
Year 2018
Industry Fintech
Services Collaterals, Print, UI/UX, Web Design
Creative Director Gilad Fried
Design Talmor Sela, Gilad Fried
Additional Design Ofir Yagen
Copy and UX consultant Daria Shualy