BELKIN Vision is a biotech company, developing an innovative glaucoma laser treatment, that is designed to increase accessibility to glaucoma care globally. BELKIN Vision’s solution is automated, gentle, efficient, and user friendly.

The Challenge

We have been working closely with BELKIN Vision since its inception, a decade ago. Our main challenge over the years has been to introduce to the market a revolutionary approach to a long existing problem. We have been working side-by-side with the team at BELKIN, turning an idea into reality, creating a vision and seeing it come to life and affect the well being of actual patients across the globe.


Branding, visual language, website, packaging, marketing collaterals.


The Brand

Our ongoing work with BELKIN Vision is based on a coherent design system that we developed, and is used across all branded elements. Clear and clean visual spaces with blurry items becoming sharp, is our way of referencing the experience of BELKIN Vision’s solution.

As part of our work for the brand we have developed guidelines on how to incorporate icons, charts, and tables, as well as compatibility with Chinese, Japanese and Hebrew. BELKIN Vision is offering a solution on a global level and we need to ensure it remains true to its values on every platform and in every language.

The Website

The scientists, physicians, engineers and researchers who work with BELKIN Vision, have accumulated large amounts of data. By incorporating interactive elements and subtle motion graphics, we were able to create a space for BELKIN Vision’s story and data, that is informative and aesthetically pleasing at once.

The website serves as a starting point for new business opportunities and professional relationships around the world, as well as a useful tool to introduce BELKIN’s innovative solution in a reliable and attractive way.

Eagle Device

The Eagle, a majestic bird known for its superb vision, was the name chosen for BELKIN Vision’s glaucoma solution. For the Eagle we developed a sub-brand, used in marketing materials, trade show booths, and the packaging of the device itself.

The device, being different than anything else currently out there in the glaucoma space, is marketed as a high-end tech powerhouse. Eagle is branded as a prestigious symbol of status, that any ophthalmologist would like to have in their clinic.

Year 2022
Industry Medical
Services Branding, Collaterals, Packaging, Print, Web Design
Creative Director Gilad Fried
Design Chris Enriquez, Meshi Sanker, Neta Weiss
Marketing Director Nancy LeBosquain
Web Development OneOfUs
Photography Ramon Wortman (Filmswish)