BELKIN Vision is developing a one-second glaucoma laser treatment designed to increase global accessibility to glaucoma care. BELKIN Vision’s solution is automated, painless, contact-free, and activated by a single press of a button. This revolutionary procedure can be performed by any ophthalmologist or eye care provider.

The Challenge

Transforming large masses of scientific data into clear and distinctive web pages. Highlighting BELKIN’s revolutionary approach in an engaging and well-formed manner.


Brand book, responsive website, marketing materials and investor decks.

Design System

Over the course of a few years, while mostly designing investor decks for BELKIN Vision, an unofficial visual language was established. This language had many loose ends and became more of a burden rather than a tool for the design team. Our first step was updating, cleaning, and enhancing that visual language, creating a coherent system to be used across all branded elements.

The BELKIN Vision design system subsequently evolved into a full-scale brand book. Guidelines on how to incorporate icons, charts, graphs and tables, as well as support for languages like Chinese, Japanese and Hebrew, ensure that the BELKIN brand remains true to its values on every platform and in every language.

A Profusion of Content

The scientists, physicians, engineers and researchers who work with BELKIN Vision, have accumulated vast amounts of data. Daria, BELKIN’s CEO, wanted to share the knowledge and present the company’s thorough work.

Flooded with content of different kinds, we had to find design-based solutions that could include articles, charts, scientific data, tables, and graphs, without being repetitive or exhausting to our viewers. By incorporating interactive elements and subtle motion graphics, we were able to create a space for BELKIN’s data that is informative and aesthetically pleasing at once.


BELKIN Vision is able to communicate its message in a clearer and more consistent way, positioning itself as a leader in the Glaucoma field. The website serves as a starting point for new business opportunities and professional relationships around the world.

Year 2020
Industry Medical
Services Branding, UI/UX, Web Design
Creative Director Gilad Fried
Design Neta Weiss
Content Editor Nancy LeBosquain
Web Development Netanel Zaken
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