Studio GLD envisions and creates influential digital products

App Design

Our studio leads the design process starting from research and all the way to development and implementation. We are skilled empathizers, and excel in understanding the audiences your business is reaching for.

We deliver digital experiences that people want, and align the outcome with your ambitions. We follow up on usage patterns, and integrate our conclusions into a fine-tuned and optimized digital product.


We create scalable dashboards that can resolve complex scenarios in a coherent and intuitive environment. Applying advanced data-visualization tools, we balance out high volumes of information with analytics.

We explore multiple design solutions to reach a refined ecosystem, perfectly tailored for your needs.

  • Research & Strategy
    Competitors, target audiences, product roadmapping, content strategy, campaign strategy
  • Branding & Content
    Creative direction, brand guidelines, brand collateral design, animation, photography, video, messaging, illustration
  • UX/UI
    Wireframing, Mobile-first, responsive design, user testing, prototyping, customer journey mapping, UX optimization