As part of our ongoing work with Laminate, a company devising and manufacturing innovative medical devices, we have been developing the brand identity and packaging design of VasQ. VasQ is Laminate’s leading product, aimed at decreasing arteriovenous fistula failure rates. The procedure, which involves connecting a vein to an artery – usually represented by blue and red lines – inspired the brand’s visual identity.

The Challenge

Translating a medical procedure to a visual brand identity. Planning and designing a set of packages, while adhering to a multitude of requirements and restrictions.


Logo, Brand identity, website, packaging, marketing materials and investor decks.

Brand Identity

VasQ’s logo stems from the device’s main use: connecting a vein to an artery. Using the unique shape of the letter ‘Q’ we were able to reflect this notion in a subtle way, referencing the mechanical and technological feats that are inherent in the VasQ device.

As part of the Laminate family of medical devices, we wanted VasQ to maintain an affiliation to the Laminate brand, yet still have a strong visual presence of its own.

Packaging Design

Configuring a packaging system for medical devices is always a complicated task, involving many requirements and restrictions. The packages must keep the delicate device intact while adhering to regulatory demands. Through a meticulous process we planned an array of packages for the device itself and for the measuring tool, along with a set of stickers and booklets to accompany them.

The entire kit is in line with VasQ’s brand identity, reflecting the company’s values of precision, simplicity, accuracy and clarity.

Laminate’s Website

When planning Laminate’s website we took on a new challenge – speaking to both professionals from the medical field and patients, who might be interested in other aspects of the product. The website has to serve both audiences and cater to their different interests, presenting scientific data, explaining medical terms and enabling interaction with the company.

Using the VasQ 3D explanatory video, we created short interactive animations that were used to show VasQ’s advantages and capabilities, allowing us to present complex scientific data in a simple and visual form.


VasQ has had great success in clinical trials around the world and is now distributed in Europe and Asia. Laminate’s marketing team successfully uses VasQ’s visual identity to constantly increase sales and enter new markets.

Year 2016
Industry Medical
Services Branding, Collaterals, Packaging, Print, Web Design
Creative Director Gilad Fried
Design Gilad Fried, Eden Shneor
Web Development Shir Gans