Igud Ha’omanim, Israel’s main artists association, was founded in 1934 and has 1,150 members to date. The association is the artists’ advocate for municipal and national budgets, occupational rights and their status in Israel.

The Challenge

Creating a brand identity and designing a website for a sophisticated target audience with an elevated visual sensibility. The new identity should boost enrollment rates among young artists.


Logo, Brand identity, website, collaterals.

Logo & Brand Identity

The logo mark was designed by the artist Hilla Toony Navok, as a reference to the modernist sculptor Dov Feigin. It was chosen in a poll open to all members of the organization and was the first step in a process of bringing young artists closer while honoring past generations of Israeli art. The logo-mark’s unique shape creates a feeling of constant movement and instability that is balanced by a clear, thick, sans serif typeface.

A narrow and restrictive color palette was chosen, compiled of blue and various shades of grey. The dominant blue indicates the organization’s official role in the state of Israel as well as being a fresh and trendy color, approachable to young artists.

The Website

Igud Ha’omanim’s website was completely rethought and designed from scratch, including new content, features and capabilities. It serves as an information center with news and updates that are relevant to the organization’s members, and also enables artists to renew or apply for membership.

A newsletter showcasing residencies and grants from around the world is sent monthly and also appears on the website. The dialog between balance and imbalance that is prominent in the logo, is reflected in the website’s grid, which stacks objects with different widths on top of each other.


Igud Ha’omanim’s new brand identity ignited a new spirit within the association, drawing in young artists and new members. The new website has produced steady and consistent online activity with a noticeable increase in traffic.

Artist Assoc.
Year 2018
Industry Culture
Services Branding, Collaterals, Web Design
Art Direction Gilad Fried
Design Eden Shneor, Ofir Yagen
Content Yoni Raz Portugali
Web Development Orr Kislev
Logo Mark Hilla Toony Navok