ActiveStills is a photographer’s collective that created a large-scale photography platform (over 40,000 items) with a strong conviction for social and political change. The previous ActiveStills website was outdated, hard to navigate and in need of a meaningful overhaul. That’s where we stepped in.

It was clear that the main focus would be on transforming a blog-like website into a visual database with powerful search tools at hand. The photographs take center stage, and clear indications allow for many types of users, such as journalists, activists, pictophiles, and NGOs to engage. A continuous viewing experience grants visual story-telling capabilities.

Each cluster of photos can lead anywhere from a micro-level personal narrative, up to a macro-level globally framed story of social and political activism, spanning over the last decade.

Year 2019
Industry Social
Services UI/UX, Web Design
Creative Director Gilad Fried
Design Talmor Sela